Rich in protein - low in carbohydrates - high in natural goodness

Passion is our guiding principle and is an ingredient in every one of our products


AdamsBrot “gold”

‘a light gluten and yeast free basic loaf with golden linseeds’

Ballaststoffreiche und Proteinreiche “Low-Carb” Brotbackmischung als Basisbrot.

AdamsBrot “il mare”

‘a light gluten and yeast free loaf with Italian herbs: tastes wonderful with salad or cottage cheese’

Ballaststoffreiche und Proteinreiche “Low-Carb” Brotbackmischung mit dem Touch des Meeres.

AdamsBrot “Sonnenwald”

‘a dark gluten and yeast free sunflower seed loaf that is rich in fibre’

Ballaststoffreiche (prebiotisch) und Proteinreiche “Low-Carb” Brotbackmischung.

AdamsBrot “hell”

Der Anfang
Unsere erste “low-carb” Brotbackmischung mit extrem wenig Kohlenhydraten, viel Eiweiß und ganz ohne Soja.

Schnelle, einfache Zubereitung und sättigend.

AdamsBrot “dunkel”

Unsere Ballaststoffquelle. “Low-Carb” Brotbackmischung mit noch weniger Kohlenhydraten als das “helle” AdamsBrot.

Viel Eiweiß und auch ganz ohne Soja.

Adams “Pasta”

Unsere Eiweiß Nudeln

Adams “Pizza Adamo”

Unsere neue Eiweiß Pizza Teig Backmischung

low-carb mixture for baking bread

AdamsBrot - inspired by the idea of developing a low-carb mixture for baking bread, our company has continued to develop successfully over the last few years and has become a popular European brand.

For the past six weeks, we have been shut up in our factories trying to come up with the best products for you - now we can throw open the doors, having successfully created a new protein-rich, low carbohydrate and gluten-free bread baking mixture.
Now that we have finally showered, shaved and got round to eating something again, we are ready to present our findings.

We had so much fun creating the recipe and the subsequent baking tests that, contrary to our original plans, we’ll be adding more than two new baking mixtures to the market. In fact, we have conjured up three new creations.

  • AdamsBrot
  • AdamsBrot dunkles Brot
  • Gold AdamsBrot
  • il-mare Brot
  • Sonnenwald Brot
  • Adams Pasta
  • Adams Pizza

We are committed to producing quality goods that promote balanced nutrition; we can only do this vision justice by developing and manufacturing all our own products.

AdamsBrot is aimed specifically at B2B customers, whether they’re baking for our label or using their own ideas. As a customer you also profit from the increased demand for AdamsBrot products. Discover the quality of our range and the possibilities on offer when you expandi your product range to include our goods and consequently generate new customers.

We would be happy to send you a sample packet free of charge.

Robert Krause
Teufelssprung 8
D-55246 Mainz-Kostheim

Phone: 0177 - 75 73 821

Our products at a glance:

Adamsbrot light, Adamsbrot dark, Adamsbrot rolls,


Adamsbrot gold, Adamsbrot il mare, Adamsbrot Sonnenwald,

Adams Pizza Avanti, Adams Pizza Adamo gluten-free,

Adams Pasta - Vegan, Adams Pasta - alla Eva

Basic: Adams Basic Backprotein, Adams Basic Apple Fiber,

Adams Basic organic coconut flour, Adams Basic bamboo fibre,

Adams Basic Organic Gold Flax Flour

Adams Cake - Pancake - Waffles gluten-free

Adams Cake Lemon Chia gluten free

Adams Cake - Base cake mixture gluten-free

5 sorts Flipster Yoghurt Drink

12 varieties Flipster Whey Protein Premium


Product information "Flipster® - Whey Protein Premium made from 450 g pasture milk".

Flipster® - Whey Protein Premium from Willow Milk

Now NEW - Flipster Whey Protein - the premium whey protein concentrate from pasture milk with fiber. We use only best Whey protein concentrate with 82% protein content and little lactose. The contained dietary fibres have a positive effect on the digestion and the protein shake remains super creamy for a long time.

Flipster Whey Protein Premium is free of colorants, soy and aspartame.

30 g Flipster Whey Protein in approx. 300 ml water or milk results in a super delicious, creamy protein shake. Simply pour into a shaker and shake. 

The Flipster® Whey Protein Premium is available first in 450 g in a zippered bag (resealable) and in 12 delicious flavours:

Strawberry Cream

Raspberry Cream

Pure Vanilla


Pure Chocolate

magic cappuccino


Crème Brûlée


Tropical Dream


lemon cream

Depending on the taste, the ingredients and nutritional values vary marginally.

The ingredients and nutritional values of the flavours can be read on the displayed labels (photos).



(Pure Vanilla)

Whey protein concentrate from pasture milk, citrus fiber, flavors, thickener: xanthan gum, emulsifier: sunflower lecithin, sweetener: sucralose, Bourbon vanilla

Net weight

450 g / yield approx. 15 portions


Store in a cool and dry place. Can be stored unopened for up to 15 months.

Instructions for use

For a serving of 30 g Flipster Whey Protein in 300 ml water or milk in a handshaker or blender shake vigorously and enjoy.

Special feature

little carbohydrates, little fat, high protein content, from pasture milk, vegetarian, without soy, without colorants, without aspartame.

Average nutritional values in 100 g


Energy (kJ) 1581 kJ

Energy (kcal) 378 kcal

fat 4,9 g

of which saturated fatty acids 1,9 g

carbohydrates 3,8 g

of which sugar 3,6 g

albumen 78,6 g

salt 0,6 g

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